Family Playtime – Turning Exercise into Quality Time

Family Playtime – Turning Exercise into Quality Time

Season 2, Episode 17

In this week’s edition of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, listeners are in for an invigorating and enlightening conversation as Carrie Marie welcomes two exceptional first-time guests, Stefaine Thomason and Kara Carter. Together, they embark on an exploration of a topic that resonates deeply with families seeking wholesome connections and healthy living: “Family Playtime – Turning Exercise into Quality Time.”

Stefaine Thomason and Kara Carter bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the discussion. As first-time guests, they inject fresh energy and insights into the conversation, highlighting their passion for holistic living and family wellness.

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About today’s guests

Stefaine Thomason, Stay at Home Mompreneur

Mom of 4, married 17 years to her best friend. Originally from California, now planted in North Carolina. Holistic living started 3 years ago by changing their diet, then in home products, then all medications of any kind. Their family has never been healthier or happier.

Stefaine has been a stay at home mom for 10 years and has been in the network marketing space for almost 6 years. She has been a speaker on stage at Rankmakers Live and is working on her first book. Stefaine’s family attends Church every Sunday and loves being involved in Church activities. They spend most of their time at the Baseball field watching the boys or at home playing games and spending time together.

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Kara Carter, Fitness Professional

Kara is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA. She has been a fitness instructor for 7 years but her true passion was in Dance. Kara started dancing at the age of 2 1/2. After finishing her performing career at 27 Kara found her true calling in the fitness industry as a kickboxing and strength coach.

When Kara was pregnant with her son she realized how important it was to keep that movement going through pregnancy. Kickboxing until she was 32 weeks pregnant was the best thing she could have done for a healthy pregnancy and safe birth. As a new mom that mindset switched to keeping the baby blues at bay and living a healthy life for her family. Working as a fitness instructor, and working out herself, helped with postpartum depression and just being a happy mom! She prides herself in helping other parents do the same as well as helping with modifications through all walks of life. As she became a mom of two, she became more present with the need for being active for her kids with her kids.

Kara was a dancer, singer and choreographer at 6 Flags for almost 7 years which paved the way for her to perform for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines for 6 contracts. This is also where she met her husband Richard who is from England. After all the traveling they decided it was time to settle down and now have two beautiful children Rowan who is 4 years old and Willow who is 20 months old. From there Kara realized how important taking care of yourself was especially as a parent. She actually loves to go to work everyday and creates her own programs. When she’s not in the gym she’s playing with the kids outside, going on hikes and always trying to keep life exciting for her kids with new things every day!

About your host

Carrie Marie Vaughn, Podcaster, Speaker, Author, Coach, & Holistic Wellness Professional

Carrie Marie is a faith-filled wife, mother of 3, and a cat mom who is very passionate about empowering moms to live a happier, healthier, more abundant life. With a wealth of experience in holistic wellness and personal development, including speaking engagements on the same stage as John C. Maxwell, she’s dedicated to sharing insights and practices that can transform your life.

In addition to hosting this Holistic Mama Speaks podcast, she is also the author of the book, Mom Mantras; The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds, and owns Building Upward, LLC, which offers holistic wellness products, coaching services, courses, and events, as well as business coaching & consulting.

In her free time, Carrie Marie enjoys being outdoors, walking, hiking, horseback riding, playing games, dancing, & spending time with family & friends, as well as crafting & DIY projects!

She’s so excited to be sharing this podcast with you, to introduce you to different holistic wellness practices, products, techniques, and more, so that you can start living a happier, healthier, more abundant life!

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