17 – Learn Why We’re Weaker and Take Longer To Heal as we Age and What to do About It

Dawn Jenkins

17 – Learn Why We’re Weaker and Take Longer To Heal as we Age and What to do About It

Season 1, Episode 17

In this week’s episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, special guest, Health Enthusiast, Dawn Jenkins, talks to us about what happens to our body & cells as we age and how redox signaling molecules can help!

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About today’s guest

Dawn Jenkins, Health Enthusiast

Dawn uses redox signaling molecules to give people’s bodies that little extra that’s needed to heal.

Dawn believes God created our bodies with the ability to self-heal, however our environment and all the toxins in our lives prevents them from “keeping up” with the decline. She has found a source of natural healing that matches what is in us. They are called redox signaling molecules and are the next breakthrough in health sciences- that give our bodies the extra we need to heal – our inner doctor! She is doing everything she can to let as many people know about redox and is excited to find others who also desire to help others at this fundamental level.

Dawn has been married 30 years, is a mom of four, and host mom to 16 post college grads! Has a dad who is a successful businessman and has four incredible half-sisters. She loves being outside, working in the yard, and creating spaces for folks to gather. She pursued an engineering career in hospital consulting before kids, after kids have held many volunteer and part time roles leading community groups, counseling young women, and teaching science and art to children. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Dawn started unique art classes, hosted many travelers, and is now pioneering the only company in the world with the health biology breakthrough of redox signaling to help better others’ lives!

Visit her website at dawnjenkins.myasealive.com.

About your host

Carrie Marie Vaughn, podcaster & holistic wellness professional

Carrie Marie is a mother of 3 & a cat mom and is obsessed with learning about holistic wellness & healing techniques and implementing them into her life, as well as helping others. She is also the author of the book, Mom Mantras; The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds. She’s so excited to be sharing this podcast with you, to introduce you to different holistic wellness practices, products, techniques, and more, so that you can start living a happier, healthier, more abundant life!

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