11 – How can Your Genetics Provide a Roadmap for Your Nutrition?

11 – How can Your Genetics Provide a Roadmap for Your Nutrition?

Season 1, Episode 11

In this week’s episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, special guest & Dietitian and Health & Wellness Coach, Alisa Bloom, talks about how she uses genetics to create a roadmap for her clients’ health & nutrition.

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About today’s guest

Alisa Bloom, Dietitian and Health & Wellness Coach

The work that Alisa is doing is so amazing, as she’s able to use people’s genetics to really get to the root cause of people’s issues and formulate a nutrition plan based on her findings. How incredible!

She helps people live the best nutrition and lifestyle patterns for their health based on their genetics (DNA). It’s a root cause approach to preventing and managing lifestyle-related symptoms and conditions.
Alisa has a certification in Lifestyle Medicine. Has an integrative approach, is a journal reviewer for Nutrition Today, is a mom of 3, stepmom of 2, dog mom of 2, she loves anything in nature, and recently got hooked on pickleball!

Visit her website at liveyourbest365.com.

About your host

Carrie Marie Vaughn, podcaster & holistic wellness professional

Carrie Marie is a mother of 3 & a cat mom and is obsessed with learning about holistic wellness & healing techniques and implementing them into her life, as well as helping others. She is also the author of the book, Mom Mantras; The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds. She’s so excited to be sharing this podcast with you, to introduce you to different holistic wellness practices, products, techniques, and more, so that you can start living a happier, healthier, more abundant life!

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