Holistic Recovery – Navigating Substance Abuse with Fitness & Wellness

Holistic Recovery – Navigating Substance Abuse with Fitness & Wellness

Season 2, Episode 20

In this week’s episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, join host Carrie Marie as she engages in a profound and enlightening conversation with two remarkable guests, Megan Johnson McCullough and Tina Heuermann. Together, they explore the transformative theme of “Holistic Recovery – Navigating Substance Abuse with Fitness & Wellness.”

Megan Johnson McCullough, a Doctor of Health and Human Performance, NASM Master Trainer, and Drug and Alcohol Recovery Fitness Specialist, brings her extensive expertise to the discussion. As the owner of Every BODY’s Fit fitness studio and Mindful BODY’s, an outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment center, Megan’s journey is marked by her pioneering approach to holistic recovery.

Tina Heuermann, a wellness enthusiast and advocate, adds her valuable perspective to the conversation. Together with Megan, they delve into the profound impact of fitness and wellness on the recovery journey from substance abuse.

Tune in to this transformative episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast and discover the power of “Holistic Recovery – Navigating Substance Abuse with Fitness & Wellness.” Embrace the wisdom shared in this episode, and embark on a journey of hope, healing, and holistic well-being.

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About today’s guests

Megan Johnson McCullough, Fitness Professional

Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough is a Doctor of Health and Human Performance. She is an NASM Master Trainer and Drug and Alcohol Recovery Fitness Specialist. She is the owner of Every BODY’s Fit fitness studio and Mindful BODY’s an outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment center (Behavioral Outpatient Discovering Your Self). Her research has focused on the influence of exercise on substance abuse recovery. Her treatment center practices holistic methods to individually support patients’ needs. Both an academic textbook and cell phone app have been developed based on her Fit PACE method which is the practice of Proactive Awareness Controlling Excess.

Dr. McCullough is a world champion natural bodybuilder, fitness model, and author of 10 books. She holds an MA in Physical Education and Health Science and is on the Education Advisory Board for the Medical Fitness Network and is an Executive Certification Board Member for The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association. Megan is a certified Group Exercise Instructor by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (Aqua, Cycle, Yoga, and Zumba). She is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Drug & Alcohol Recovery Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Wellness Coach and Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.

Visit her website at mindfulbodys.com.

KTina Heuermann, Coach and Speaker

Meet Tina Heuermann—an energetic force fueled by a mission. Following the loss of her mother to cancer, Tina’s quest for truth unveiled our untapped power. Joining network marketing, she soared, overcoming personal trials. Tina’s resilience, coupled with natural products, steers her towards helping others live pharmaceutical-free, embracing a life of health and happiness. An inspiring mindset coach, speaker, and trainer, Tina guides individuals to discover their strength and power. Through relentless personal growth, she lights the way to transformative living.

For three decades, Tina has lovingly stood by her Prince Charming, nurturing their three children, with one watching over from Heaven, and delighting in the roles of a doting grandmother to two. Her heartbeat echoes a profound commitment to family, fueled by a belief that life is an adventure, and dreams unfurl when we embrace chances. Whether joyously navigating a carwash with windows down or kindling a backyard campfire, Tina’s playful spirit is infectious. She views obstacles not as roadblocks but as gifts, empowering tools to uplift others. Recently featured at Faith Over Fear in Orlando, Tina is also a sought-after podcast guest and has received book offers, sharing her story of navigating life guarded in Grace and Faith.

Visit her website at iRoseCoaching.com.

About your host

Carrie Marie Vaughn, Podcaster, Speaker, Author, Coach, & Holistic Wellness Professional

Carrie Marie is a faith-filled wife, mother of 3, and a cat mom who is very passionate about empowering moms to live a happier, healthier, more abundant life. With a wealth of experience in holistic wellness and personal development, including speaking engagements on the same stage as John C. Maxwell, she’s dedicated to sharing insights and practices that can transform your life.

In addition to hosting this Holistic Mama Speaks podcast, she is also the author of the book, Mom Mantras; The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds, and owns Building Upward, LLC, which offers holistic wellness products, coaching services, courses, and events, as well as business coaching & consulting.

In her free time, Carrie Marie enjoys being outdoors, walking, hiking, horseback riding, playing games, dancing, & spending time with family & friends, as well as crafting & DIY projects!

She’s so excited to be sharing this podcast with you, to introduce you to different holistic wellness practices, products, techniques, and more, so that you can start living a happier, healthier, more abundant life!

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